University Of Southampton Nursing Degrees Are The First To Receive Nmc Approval



The curriculum was highly commended by the NMC on several counts, particularly the ‘Southampton values-based model' in which intelligent compassion and sensitive care are at the heart of the programmes.

Graduates who complete the Bachelor of Nursing (BN) programme to the required standard will be eligible to register to practice according to the field pathway they have chosen to follow.

The University of Southampton’s nursing degree courses present prospective students with a choice between three three-year single field courses and two four-year dual field courses.

The three-year BN nursing degree can be completed in the adult, child, or mental health fields of practice. 
Alternatively, the four-year dual field nursing degree courses can be completed in the adult and child, or adult and mental health fields of practice.

Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences Jessica Corner said she was proud that nursing degree courses at the University of Southampton had been the first meet the NMC standards, and called the move towards all-degree courses ‘historic’ for the nursing profession.

Writing in Nursing Times in April 2011 Professor Corner said: ‘We believe, in developing the Southampton values-based curriculum, that we have a response to some fundamental issues relating to the quality of care in the NHS and are passionate about instilling the values that are fundamental to putting poor care right. 

‘This involves working closely with local hospital and community trusts, auditing clinical placements, participating in quality monitoring, supporting students to speak out when they see unacceptable practice and developing students to have the expertise, skills and values to uphold and deliver high quality care.’ She added.


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