The South Asianist: Online journal and blog (Centre for South Asian Studies at the University of Edinburgh)



The South Asianist is a new experimental open access online journal (and accompanying blog) published by the Centre for South Asian Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Drawing much of its inspiration from the new taught Masters in South Asia and International Development, the journal will produce two issues each year, and be managed by an editorial board that includes a mix of alumni and students from Edinburgh as well as Aberdeen. With an advisory board composed of noted South Asianists based both in the UK and in South Asia, the journal aims to spur critical debate on the myriad social, political and economic issues affecting particularly marginal communities in South Asia and also to develop and test a variety of new open-access pedagogical tools intended for students of South Asia - both in the UK and in South Asia itself. These will include short ethnographic or documentary videos and podcasts intended for classroom use; reflections by students and established scholars alike actively engaged in fieldwork;  and the development of open access readings and resources. The inaugural issue "Marginalities and Aspirations" - featuring a collection of peer-reviewed essays; a film review and video interviews, demonstrates some of the energy the editors hope to carry through with each subsequent issue. A call for papers will be sent out mid-August for the second issue.

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