Three Hundred Years of Linnaean Taxonomy [Part 5 of 5]

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Description In Celebration of the Exhibition of the 1st Edition of Linnaeus' Systema Naturae - Tuesday, November 13, 2007 Scientists around the world are celebrating the 300th anniversary of the birth of Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. He is best known for instituting a two-name method for identifying plants and animals, called binomial nomenclature. Considered the "father" of modern taxonomy, Linnaeus named approximately 4,400 species of animals and 7,700 species of plants. Today, many museums, including this one, continue to research the relationships between species, and rely on Linnaeus' classic works. Linnaeus, Carl Linnaeus, Linnaean Taxonomy, Symposium, Taxonomy, Natural History, Systema Naturae, Smithsonian Smithsonian, National Museum of Natural History
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