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(The Silicon Valley Chinese American Computer & Commerce Association (SVCACA) has been active since 1987. It is one of the first and oldest high-tech organizations of its kind in Silicon Valley. 
Today SVCACA is comprised of hundreds of high tech enterprises and commerce businesses with thousands of employees and aggregate revenue in the billions of dollars.
In the late 80's, at the epoch computer revolution in Silicon Valley, groups of Chinese students started to bring computer technology to Taiwan. These students saw an opportunity and founded companies that began producing hardware to export back to the United States. Consequently many of these students started to congregate to talk and bring forth new ideas and helping others. This was the beginning of SVCACA. 
Since the late 90's, much of the manufacturing has been moved to China. As a result, SVCACA was the first high-tech organization to visit China and to build relationships with high ranking officials of many different provinces and company executives. Since that initial visit, SVCACA has sent delegations to China every year. Due to our consistent high level of activity, we have established and furthered developed strong relations with associations, science parks, civil servants, and politicians in China, which helps to foster new opportunities; also due to our association's reputation many Chinese government officials and many companies had requested our association to assist them in recruiting and introducing new business opportunities.
Today, SVCACA has helped many of our members in establishing business in our serviced area, United States, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and our members benefit by being part of the most well-known technology association in the Silicon Valley.
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