Cloud Computing: How to Customize Your Own Cloud

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Ever wondered why there's so much buzz about Cloud Computing? Find out in this Experts Exchange Cloud Class webinar. 

In this video, Quest Senior Application Consultant Clayton Pippinger will show how you can customize your own cloud while cutting your IT costs, boosting performance and improving data security. He'll discuss how concerns about the cloud can be addressed with an over-arching services contract and service-level agreement (SLA) and how to negotiate one explicitly written for your organization. Most importantly, Clayton will explain what the services "are" and "are not".
Clayton will cover the following material:
- What makes Cloud Computing different and why it's inevitable
- The benefits of Cloud Computing
- How Cloud Computing gets deployed: Public, Private or Shape Your Own
- X-as-a-Service: What Cloud Computing delivers
- Defining what task you are looking to "out-task"
- Whether or not there is an agreeable line of demarcation
- Cloud Computing best practices
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