Rahitnāme, plural of rahitnāmā (rahit = conduct, stipulated conduct or way of life: nāme = letters, writings, manuals) is a term used in Panjabi in reference to a genre of writings specifying approved way of life for a Sikh. These writings, enunciating conduct and behaviour in accordance with the principles of the Sikh religion contain instructions regarding personal and social behaviour, applicable especially to those who have been admitted to the Khālsā brotherhood through ceremonies by the double-edged sword. The literature containing the rahit can broadly be divided into three categories the textual source which includes Sikh scriptures, other approved Sikh canon, and hukamnāmās; the traditional Sikh history including janam Sākhīs, gurbilāses and Gurū Gobind Siṅgh's own announcement not to have a personal successor and to pass on the gurūship jointly and permanently to the granth (the Gurū Granth Sāhib) and the Panth.


Rahitnāmā Kīrtan

Bhai Mahinder Singh

Bhai Mohinder Singh Ji (Shahpur...

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<a href="/book/chaupa-singh-rahit-nama">The Chaupa Singh Rahit-nama</a>
W.H. McLeod
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