Ganda Singh (1900-1987)

Ganda Singh (1900-1987), celebrated Punjab historian who by his sustained and pioneer work in the field of historical research initiated new trends in Sikh historiography and who by his critically important work became a vital and pervasive influence in historical learning in northern India, was born on 15 November 1900, thc son of Javala Singh of Hariana, an old town close to the city of Hoshiarpur in the Punjab. He began his education in the village mosque, later translating himself to the primary school. He passed the middle standard examination from D A.V. (Dayanand Anglo-Vernacular ) Middle School, Hoshiarpur, and his matriculation from Government High School in the same town. He joined the Forman Christian college at Lahore, but soon left it to enlist in the army (1919). He served at the Supply and Transport Corps Base Depot, Rawalpindl, and at the divisional office at Peshawar before he was attached to the Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force, Basra, in 1920 and later to the British Royal Army Pay Corps, also at Basra, in 1921.


<a href="/book/si-harfian-hari-singh-nalwa">Sī-Harfiāṅ Harī Singh Nalwā</a>
Qadir Yār
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