Hindi-Urdu (हिंदी उर्दू, هندی اردو) is an Indo-Aryan language and the lingua franca of North India and Pakistan. It is also known as Hindustani (हिन्दुस्तानी, ہندوستانی, Hindustānī, IPA: ɦɪ̃n̪d̪ʊsˈt̪aːni, literally: "of Hindustan"), and historically, as Hindavi or Rekhta. It derives primarily from the Khariboli dialect of Delhi, and incorporates a large amount of vocabulary from Persian, Arabic, Sanskrit and Turkic. It is a pluricentric language, with two official forms, Standard Hindi and Standard Urdu, which are standardized registers of it.


<a href="/book/madhum%C4%81lat%C4%AB-indian-sufi-romance">Madhumālatī: an Indian Sufi romance</a>
Mir Sayyid Manjhan Shattari Rajgiri, Aditya Behl, S. C. R. Weightman
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