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Scientific research should never be compromised.

Disciplines: Healthcare
Open Group Members: 6 Discussions: 3

All the studies and ideas for it!

Open Group Members: 4 Discussions: 1

Discussion about social anthropology

Open Group Members: 5 Discussions: 2

Support and Enhancement Requests for Hindi Dictionary (Academic Room)

Open Group Members: 5 Discussions: 4

All lovers of modern literature are invited to join this group :)

Open Group Members: 8 Discussions: 2

Evaluating legal approaches to managing political competition and for transfering political power in Africa

Disciplines: Social Sciences
Open Group Members: 7 Discussions: 5

To bring together scholars and industry professionals to discuss and evaluate how Fine Art and the Book are presented in the New Media.

Open Group Members: 3 Discussions: 1

Sharing the emerging researching on mobile users

Open Group Members: 6 Discussions: 1

General discussion on Chronobiology

Disciplines: Chronobiology
Open Group Members: 1 Discussions: 0

Technology and Higher Education

Open Group Members: 16 Discussions: 8
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