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Mining Industry Updates

Open Group Members: 1 Discussions: 1

Rare has developed a method for motivating behavior change and community support for conservation that has been tested and refined in more than 50 co

Disciplines: Human Development
Open Group Members: 3 Discussions: 1

Support forum for Sanskrit Dictionary

Open Group Members: 5 Discussions: 3

This group focuses on the intersection of political life and communication.

Open Group Members: 11 Discussions: 14

To discuss historical, cultural, religious, and social life in ancient India.

Open Group Members: 7 Discussions: 13

Evaluating legal approaches to managing political competition and for transfering political power in Africa

Disciplines: Social Sciences
Open Group Members: 6 Discussions: 5

Psychometric Assessments: Validation and Uses

Open Group Members: 9 Discussions: 0

Anthropological approaches to ancient Greek and Roman culture

Open Group Members: 3 Discussions: 0

This forum is open to all discussions pertaining to sociolinguistics and related areas

Open Group Members: 4 Discussions: 0

International Law

Disciplines: Law
Open Group Members: 4 Discussions: 0
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