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Disciplines: Technology and Education
Curator(s): Gerald Stapleton
Started: Aug 14, 2012

This group is focused on the use of virtual environments to facilitate and enhance learning. The goals of the group are to foster effective teaching and learning independent of any particular technology such as Open Simulator, Second Life, or Unity.

Karen Remick
Started by: Karen Remick
Wikis as creditable information sources

Many students today use Wikipaedia as a source for low level research when writing papers. Unfortunately due to the anonymous nature of the contributers, the information is sometimes not trustworthy. If a wiki existed, where the author(s) and their credentials were listed, could entries be acceptable as quotes in regular research papers?  There are cases when as a writer you want to say something you know is true, but feel the need to confirm and credit it, but the observation is so basic that it is not mentioned in more advanced papers. A wiki that gave the basics in a creditable way would help in that situation. For example, I was looking to say in a paper that scientific researchers tend to be introverts. I know this from experience, but since I was going to base an argument on it, I wanted to reference a study proving it. I found one eventually, but a wiki article would have been a lot easier. Also, a wiki with listed contributers would allow students, or researchers who need to talk to people in a different discipline,  to get a grounding on the basic ideas and terminology, with confidence that the information source was good.  I guess my thoughts boil down to "Would the teaching/research communities accept a wiki article, with a known and credited author, as a reference?" and "How do we get these established?".

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Kenneth Baker
Started by: Kenneth Baker
Online Education Credibility in Modern Education System

The world is in the midst of a technological transition, which has influenced every social institution to adapt the new strategies in order to survive in the competitive world. Education is one of the primary pillars of the society liable for the social development of the individuals. It is imperative for the educational entities to adapt the new strategies so that they are able to prepare students as skilled professionals. Moreover, the free market system has increased the demand of skilled workers in the market. Consequently, the number of educational institutes has increased as well to accommodate the demand. However, the educational horizon must ensure that it continues to serve its social responsibility rather than to adapt a commercial approach.

California Creek University Reviews imply that the university is committed to provide top notch quality of education to the students in the best learning environment. Furthermore, the university focuses on providing students the exposure about the social values existing in the society. It is imperative for the universities to ensure that the students are being catered by exercising the use of technology in learning as it helps them to learn the updated techniques applied in the practical world.

California Creek University Reviews indicates that it has the best seasoned faculty to provide students with the conceptual knowledge. However, the instructors are not just responsible to provide the theoretical knowledge but also provide students the understanding of the social values. The teachers are also responsible to ensure that the students engage in discussions so that they are able to enhance their communication skills. It will also help them to learn about the different social values of their peers. The faculty should assign the students with group based and task based assignments since it helps the students to develop team working skills along with leader ship skills. In addition to this, it also helps the students to develop critical thinking skills and at the same time learn the appropriate use of resources.

The post-industrialization marked the increase in the social economic mobility, which led to the creation of culturally diffused societies. It also resulted in culturally diffused classrooms, which made it the adaptation of different teaching methodologies to be adapted in the classrooms so that the students can be addressed effectively. However, there are many students, which are unable to continue their education because they have commitments with their families or are employed. Online education platform helps the students to enroll for the courses according to their timetable. Moreover, it helps the students to access extensive information and the lecture notes through their portable electronic devices. The online education program helps the students to learn efficiently from different regions.

California Creek University Reviews suggests that the university is credible institute dedicated to provide quality education. Moreover, the credibility of an educational institute is primary basis of assessment for students before engaging in the process of enrollment. The credibility of the university is the most important asset of an organization and can only be maintained by providing the students an excellent learning environment. This depends on various factors such as the integration of technology in the curriculum.  It is also necessary for the institutes to ensure that all the students are being catered by the teachers. Moreover, the diverse teaching methods have to be applied in order to make sure that the students learn professionally. Therefore, it is important for the universities that they are able to accommodate the students in the best learning environment and prepare them as skilled professionals and as socially responsible human beings. 

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Tia Wyatt:

These days, the Internet presents a globe of chances that have entirely altered the state of modern education from the way we learn, study. Therefore, where online learning once contented a role population of learner and raise study for its questionable academic inflexibility.

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Trevor  Ragsdale
Started by: Trevor Ragsdale
Promising Academic Competency

The educational institutes seek to obtain accreditation from the concerned authorities because this process not only provides recognition to the educational institutes but also certify that the institutes are providing quality education to the students. The process of accreditation helps the institutes to find out the strengths, weakness and opportunities. To acquire accreditation from the governing bodies, the educational institutes focus on improving their quality of services. The accredited schools, colleges and universities greatly attract the students towards them, therefore, acquiring accreditation from the concerned authorities is essential for all educational institutes.

The institutes accredited by the International Accreditation Organization India experience the international focus. The institutes accredited by this agency are recognized all around the world, as like all accrediting agencies, this agency has established the strict criteria. The institutes willing to achieve accreditation from this agency need to critically fulfil the required specifications. This agency sorts out the performance of the educational institute by conducting assessment. The institution itself initially conducts this evaluation, and the outcomes of initial examination are then assessed by the concerned accreditation agencies.

The International Accreditation Organization India critically examine the quality of educational services provided to the students. The mission of this accreditation body is to analyze the currently practiced teaching standards of educational institutes and provide suggestions to upgrade these teaching standards according to the global trends. Therefore, the institutes accredited by this agency receive worldwide recognition, because of their excellent educational facilities. The accreditation agencies demand the institutes to continuously revise their academic curriculum and introduce the latest trends of education in their offered academic programs and certifications.

Students currently enrolled in the institutes accredited by the International Accreditation Organization India are assured that they are receiving education according to the global trends. This accreditation agency focus that the curriculum designed of accredited institutes is of high academic quality and extremely relevant to the needs of the profession. Therefore, the students enrolled in these institutes have extremely excellent problem-solving skills, significant for acquiring the professional stability. Accreditation agencies not only focus on the teaching methodologies and curriculum design but also concentrate on the learning outcomes. The accreditation agencies compare the current learning outcomes with expected results and then suggests the institutes to follow certain strategies to meet the anticipated learning outcomes.

The students graduating from the institutes accredited by this agency are recognized and considered by the employer organizations because the employers believe that the students graduated from these organizations have acquired education strictly according to the global standards of education. The employer organizations believe that the students passing out from accredited institutes have increased tendency to achieve competence in their relevant fields.

The institutes accredited by this agency believes on creating the technical course content for the students, enabling them to develop efficient conceptual understandings. The strong technical skills of these students aid them in becoming successful and competent professionals. The students enrolled in the accredited institutes have the facility of transferring their credit hours in various of the institutes of the world. The reason behind this easy transfer is that the academic trends of the accredited institutes kept on changing their academic curriculum according to the latest trends, therefore, the students studying in the accredited institutes can learn in all competent institutes.

The foremost mission of international accreditation agencies is the provision of uniform educational services to the students all around the world. Moreover, these accreditation agencies tend to provide a better educational environment to the students. The high-quality education tends to develop highly competent professionals, not only to benefit the employers but also benefiting the entire community.

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Judith Paul
Started by: Judith Paul
Professional Career Starts with the University

Universities are the institutions that are core contributor in your professional life. We also can say that the university is the starting point of professional career. Our whole life depend on the decision of choosing a college for us. Paramount California University is providing the best education possible. They are considered to be one the best institute in the state of California.  They have different programs like associate degree to Master’s degree, different diploma programs and short courses as well. These courses and degrees are intended to set up our students to get a firm grasp over their particular fields of study.

Paramount California University positioning is gradually and step by step enhancing every year since we are enduring to provide the state of the art educational environment, highly skilled teachers and best possible study material. We have additionally ensured that all courses and degrees are checked on and upgraded all the time with the goal that it mirrors the most recent and cutting-edge changes in their particular fields. At Paramount California University one of the greatest advantage of seeking after the degrees and courses with us is that we utilize exceptionally qualified and proficient showing staff and personnel. At our University all our teachers are highly qualified and have vast amount of professional as well as teaching experience. 

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