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Started: Jan 18, 2013

Erica cohen
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Ronald Littlefield
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Collaborative learning is the key of success

The Paramount California University Qatar has aim to give the platform to the students that can be attractive for the students across the globe. It usually helps and inspires the peoplealong with giving a supportive platform so that the knowledge can be shared and developed properly. The university gives equal importance to all of the students as an individual. Even along with the growth of university, we want to maintain a fit to community aspect and sense of belonging with the students. The university further supports the social, personal and academic development of the students. The university plays an important role in providing quality education to the students andit considered to be the university’s major identity.

By following the major values, it is aimed to create the university that differentiates itself from the other universities along with enhancing the experience of a student from a university. There are three major objectives of the university including growth of university, effective organization in the university and working with other organizations and stakeholders. There is an excellent reputation of Paramount California University Qatar. Almost all of the departments of the university are identifiedat an international level. This identification and fame further causes improvement and strength in the degree programs of the university and cause them to become life changing and inspiring.   

It is aimed by the Paramount California University to provide the environment by the help of which the students can improve their personal and academic potential. The structure of university is designed in such a way that can increase the experiences of students and give support to the academic efforts of the students. The active participation of the students at the online discussion forums is promoted. The university further struggles to increase the academic achievement of the students by promoting the personal development, and wellbeing of the students. The online platforms allow the students from various academic disciplines to promote integration and increase the experience of students. The university improve and develops those systems that support learning and administration to become user friendly and effective.

The universities in this world experience an increase in the worldwide competition for the resources and students and the Paramount California University Qatar also aims to grow and expand. In addition, the process of expansion and growth should not be at the basis of quality and it must aim to increase the overall excellence and standards. This will further facilitate in making the university tougher. It further indicates that the growth pace and scale of university is kept up to date by the academic improvement. The positron of university can be made sustainable by the recruitment of increased number of academics and giving admission to more students. The student numbers are increased in the programs and the programs are designed in such a way so that they can be able to recruit efficient students.

It is required to avail an optimal balance among the students who are at postgraduate and undergraduate level. It is required by the departments to create new facilities in the attractive subject areas for the students. A noteworthy increase in the numbers of students is related with the academic appointments for the protection and enhancing of capacity of the various departments. It further makes sure that students are supported in a proper way. The different opportunities are created in the distance learning programs. In addition, the students and departments are promoted to develop various aspects in the distance learning programs. A strong recognition and identity is given to the good practice and performance of students. 

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Hilda Peters:

Children do not use their smartphones and tablets from birth, so from the first grade, the teacher is competing with technology for the attention of students.



Ronald Thomas:

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Bhagwandas Sethi
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Addressing Diversity in Online Classrooms

It is imperative for all the academic institutions to be recognized globally by educationists in order to function as an effective pillar in the society. Education is regarded to have the most critical role in the development of the society. The world is in the wake of a fiery evolving stage, which has driven competition in all social institutions. Consequently, the educational horizon also experienced the impact of technological advancement and adapted newer strategies.

International accreditation organization review implies that the universities should focus on providing the students with the top quality of education. The higher education is the most important stage of education as it shapes the students for their professional career. The universities also need to realize the integration of technology in the teaching methods in order to facilitate the students with the best learning environment. The progression of the students can only be facilitated with the adaptation of new teaching strategies. The students must be addressed with different teaching methodology so that they are able to strengthen their core concepts and develop critical thinking skills.

The international accreditation organization review asserts the university should have a seasoned faculty, which caters the students in the most effective way. The faculty is not only responsible for teaching the students only the conceptual knowledge, but are liable to help them learn the cultural and social values of the society as well. The instructor should ensure that the students are interacting with each other, regarding to their academic courses. This helps the students to enhance the communication skills and as well as provide the teacher an opportunity to reflect on the progress. The faculty should engage the students in group and task based assignments as it helps the students to develop leadership skills and teaches them teamwork. It also helps them to take critical decisions, which is necessary in the practical world.

The online education platform has become one of the main sources for learning. The advent of technology has allowed students to study online and continue with their social life. However, the university should ensure that the students are able to learn through the online education under the guidance of acknowledged faculty.  Moreover, it is imperative that the faculty is able to cater students from different cultural and social backgrounds.  Online education helps the students to register for courses, which can be managed by them. Some of the students are employed or have commitments with their families, which is why they prefer to study through an online platform. Furthermore, the students are able to access extensive amount of information and the lecture notes as they have their electronic portable gadgets.  The online education platform also helps the students who are unable to enroll in the university, which provides quality education as they belong to different regions and were not socially mobile. Therefore, online education has had a significant impact on accommodating students for higher education.

International accreditation organization review implies that the university must have the credibility and should be renowned for its quality of education.  The credibility is based on many factors, which have to be addressed in order to attract more students. The university should ensure that the faculty is implementing different teaching strategies to cater the students. Moreover, it is necessary that the students are able to reach the faculty with their academic problems so that they are able to learn efficiently.  The university has to maintain its standards in order to cater more students. Furthermore, the university should ensure that it updates its curriculum accordingly and provide students the best education so that the students can contribute to the society. 

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Amos Saunders
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Value of IAO accreditation

International Accreditation Organization enhances importance of degree by improving the reliability of self-regulation. Accreditors are eager to experience a detailed and stimulating assessment by specialized contemporaries. IAO is an international accreditation organization eminence assertion agency functioning to enhance the standard of education around the world. IAO is recognized as a symbol of quality and it is helping students, universities and professionals in getting their certificates accredited.   

IAO grants accreditation through patented points profile system in collaboration with other regional bodies and helping teachers, professionals, institutions and evaluation of commission members. IAO accreditation help determine if a student, professional or institution meets or exceed standards of quality. It helps students and professionals determines acceptable institutions for enrolments.  It also helps employers determine the eligibility of for employee tuition reimbursement programs.

Recognition by IAO affirms that standards and processes of accrediting organizations are consistent with the quality. 

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Thesis Analyst
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