Sanskrit Dictionary

Disciplines: Grammar and Language Study, South Asian Studies
Curator(s): John McIntosh, South Asian Studies Editor
Started: Dec 1, 2013

Academic Room Sanskrit Dictionary is a premium Sanskrit to English dictionary app developed in the Harvard Innovation Lab. Its massive database provides over one million definitions derived from classical Sanskrit dictionaries by Monier-Williams, Apte, and Macdonell. All words can be searched using a Devanagari keyboard.

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Started by: stnefan andrzej, stefan, ziomal, andy

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Aaron Abbey
Started by: Aaron Abbey
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Ben Marsden: Spanish dictionary - improve your Spanish. Grammar and vocabulary lessons

Guy Padfield
Started by: Guy Padfield
iOS Devanagari bug

Hello. For several years (as long as I've tried to use it) the Devanagari font on iPad and iPhone has contained a bug, so arha (for exmple) will always appear as arhe. This means I cannot use iOS for preparing Sanskrit texts. Since the bug affects this dictionary (try looking up arha) I wonder if you could push Apple to do something about it! Thank you. Guy

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Guy Padfield:

Thank you. 

South Asian Studies Editor:

Greetings. Guy. Thank you for brining this to our attention. We will write to Apple and let you know once we have a response.

Jayshree Ravi
Started by: Jayshree Ravi
Ipad app crashes frequntly

I use it regularly on the ipad air (ios 7) but it crashes frequently. Especially with words that have a rru e.g. Mrugah, tarka etc
It just exit the applicatio. This is really disappointing. I am in a Sanskrit class when this happens and everyone just laughs at me for using this


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