Psychometric Assessment

Disciplines: Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences
Curator(s): Pamela Brooks
Started: Jan 27, 2013

Interested in forming a group for people who would like to dicsuccess various psychomtric assessments, from the validation of to best practes for how they can and should be used.

Nickitten Pierre
Started by: Nickitten Pierre
Psychometric Assessment

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Nickitten Pierre:

Cairo  Wilson
Started by: Cairo Wilson
Educational Assessment

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theres erbax:

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Harry Jack: great

Carroll Anthony
Started by: Carroll Anthony
Researching on the Reclining Positions

I had a little research before on reclining positions, such as the positions featured on reclining car seats, sofa and best reclining high chairs. I found them useful but what if I use a direct recline position instead of changing them from a normal one?

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Crystal Sims
Started by: Crystal Sims
Academic Writing on Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric tests consist of different numerical reasoning, some academic service and diagrammatic test required and science method of Psychometric test styles.

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Amelie Singh
Started by: Amelie Singh
Is this way okay to go?

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