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Welcome to International Students Group!

This is an educational group related to issues and challenges of international students in the United States and outside.

George Williams
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Accreditation, Online Universities and the role of online education in today's career

The university understands the requirement of credible degrees for the students. They mostly need to apply for jobs for which their credibility is reflected in their degree credibility. Non-fake paramount California University accredited is one of the best features of the university that distinguishes it from non-reliable universities. The university has produced numbers of MBAs and PhDs with a list that is available online on its website. It provides the students with regional as well as national accreditation that is beyond any challenge on the account of their legal existence. The dual nature of accreditation has helped the university earn a reputation worldwide. One can comfortably rely on the authenticity of the university.

The bachelors, masters, PhDs and diplomas are all certified courses at the university and the users are liable to get their certificates timely. The degrees and diplomas are usually posted to the users that are completely accredited. Students have the liberty to select customized time line for the submission of assignments and final exam. The administration staff is present 24/7 to extend their assistance on query resolution.  It is the job of university management to answer all the queries promptly. The users have been given full access to navigate the website to make an authentic research about the courses the institute is offering, and be able to evaluate the presence of balance between theory and practical. This university has gone extra miles to provide its students with expert teachers who are qualified enough to train the students to practice their acquired skills. The university has tried to normalize its cost of education yet it is certainly a challenge to hire expert and highly qualified teachers in low budget. One may find the cost of some courses little high but that is due to the above-mentioned fact. 

The profound vision and mission statement of non-fake Paramount California University accredited ads to its credibility. The list of accreditation affiliation has been listed on the website that is easily available for the users to gain the satisfaction. The university is planning to open their head office in the coming future as to provide the users with face-to-face communication at least for administrative dealing. Else, all sorts administrative working is done online. It has also listed the portfolios of old students who have been successfully working at reputed offices. The institute has arranged for online Alumni for the students that enable the ex-students to meet up and share their experiences. The teachers’ portfolios add to the credibility of the university since one can find some expert faculty members. The university has made sure to hire teachers belonging to accredited universities that ensure the evolution of perfect educational institute.  

Some of the preeminent online institutes tend to nurture optimistic, well-built and compassionate relationship for and among the students, teachers and management. Online universities do not have tangible forums to aim for strong interaction and communication among the stakeholders. The university believes in shaping up the distance learning into one of the most constructive, productive and memorable experience for the learners. It does not want to make its students feel that they are isolated from rest of the world but they should rather feel to have greater access to greater exposure. One of the finest ways to evaluate engaging affinity of a university, today, is its social presence in the world. This university enjoys a prominent social existence on social websites like Facebook, Twitter. The university is operating with a clear vision of what they want and what they do. It will continue to work to make sure that the world has Non-fake paramount California University accredited. Feel free to connect with Paramount California University experts and get to know how it can benefit you.

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JIS Students
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Spring 2014 edition - Journal of International Students

Thought you like the articles selected in the spring 2014 edition.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  1. Home Away from Home: International Students and their Identity-based Social Networks in Australia. By Catherine Gomes, PhD, RMIT University (Australia);Marsha Berry, PhD, RMIT University (Australia); Basil Alzougool, PhD; University of Melbourne (Australia); Shanton Chang, PhD; University of Melbourne (Australia), pp. 2-15.
  2. Challenges Facing Asian International Graduate Students in the U.S.: Pedagogical Considerations in Higher Education. By Shu-Yuan Lin, EdD, Idaho State University (USA); Susan Day Scherz, EdD, Hansen School District, Idaho (USA), pp. 16-33.
  3. Comparison on the Developmental Trends between Chinese Students Studying Abroad and Foreign Students Studying in China. By Xuezhi LiuMA, Chinese Academy of Personnel Science, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (China), pp. 34-47.
  4. Factors Caribbean Overseas Students Perceive Influence their Academic Self-Efficacy. By Arline Edwards-Joseph, EdD, Georgia Southern University (USA);Stanley BakerEdD, North Carolina State University (USA), pp. 48-59.
  5. Are International Undergraduates Struggling Academically? By Barry Fass-Holmes,PhD, University of California, San Diego (USA) and Allison A. Vaughn, PhD, San Diego State University (USA), pp. 60-73.
  6. A Comparison of Pedagogical Practices and Beliefs in International and Domestic Mathematics Teaching Assistants. By Minsu Kim, PhD, University of North Georgia (USA), pp. 74-88.
  7. Actual vs. Ideal Attraction: Trends in the Mobility of Korean International Students. By Peter G. GhazarianEdD, Keimyung University (South Korea), pp. 89-103.

Reflection/Study Abroad & Book Review

  1. Reflection/Study Abroad: Of Languages and Epistemologies: Reflections of a Graduate International Student on the Road to Becoming a Researcher. By Laura (Violeta) Colombo, PhD, National Council of Technical and Scientific Research), Buenos Aires (Argentina), pp. 104-105
  2. Book Review: Reading Between the Signs: Intercultural Communication for Sign Language Interpreters. Reviewed by Rolf Holtz, PhD, Troy University (USA), pp. 106-108.


Forthcoming articles 

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JIS Students
Started by: JIS Students
June volume published- Journal of International Students

Greetings from the Journal of International Students!

We published the June edition of the Journal,
You will find a digital book in this link. Print copies will be mailed as per request.

Thank you for your interest in the Journal of International Students.

Stay in touch for future editions.

Journal of International Students
PO Box 1270 Arkansas State University
State University, AR 72467 (USA)

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