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Disciplines: Grammar and Language Study
Curator(s): South Asian Studies Editor, stnefan andrzej, stefan, ziomal, andy
Started: Feb 26, 2013

Hindi Dictionary iPhone and Android app: http://www.academicroom.com/blogs/post/hindi-dictionary-app-developed-academic-room-harvard-innovation-lab-supports-ios-android-and-blackberry

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Jarosław Zapart
Started by: Jarosław Zapart
HTC One Android 4.4.2 compatibility


This dictionary is just the thing I've been looking for, but it appears not to be compatible with my device. Maybe it's because of the recent update of the system? I don't know if this is a common issue, but I would appreciate any kind of feedback. Thanks.

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blah blahson:

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obi liro:

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Stephen Cannan
Started by: Stephen Cannan
Compatibility with Nexus 7?

Play Store says that the app is not compatible with my Nexus 7 running Android 4.4

Is this going to be fixed?


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James Nigh
Started by: James Nigh
BB10 app

Hi there,

Just wanted to update that there is now an app for a Hindi keyboard on BB10. It's available for free and it's called Mojo Hindi. I'm not sure whether it could be used in any way to enhance the dictionary app, but I thought I'd mention it just in case. There are rumours that the updated version of bb10, 10.2, will have a native Hindi keyboard but I haven't heard anything official yet.

Also, just a question about the breadth of the app: is it primarily a shuddh Hindi app? I tried looking up words like 'mulaaqaat' and 'taalaaq' but can't seem to find them. Just curious to know the focus of the dictionary.

Thanks for all your work,

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Javion Rudd: Spanish English dictionary - apúrale in English

South Asian Studies Editor:

Hi James, we have had two or three downloads of the BB10 app so far and we have decided to discontinue further development of the app on Blackberry because of the lack of demand.  All of the development is being done for the iOS version, which has seen an impressive adoption.  To answer your question, we have incorproated Platts' dictionary so you should be able to find words from the Persianate register as well.

Bhagwanti Jadwani
Started by: Bhagwanti Jadwani
Translation of Epistle in HIndi

What should be the exact word for epistle in HIndi, if we translate the title 'Epistle of Colossians'.

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Puru Gujrati: Epistle को हिन्दीमें पत्र या धर्मपत्र कहते हैं।

Bhagwanti Jadwani:

Thank you for clarification

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