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Started: Jul 9, 2012

Nathan Coppedge
Started by: Nathan Coppedge
The Mandate of Heaven
Just an example of classicism that I think is worth studying academically. This piece arrived almost fully formed by searching within my unconscious. Here it is related in full form. Permission granted to use this for academic purposes, but not commercial ones. By the way, it is from a book titled One-Page-Classics by Nathan Coppedge, and can be found no where else in whole or partial form (Except here). Enjoy!
A Rendition of the Ancient Scroll by Nathan Coppedge
With all precepts guided towards the attainment of wisdom
The disciple becomes an honorable man
And, being honorable
His right and attainment are also honorable
So directed, his virtues are the cardinal points
Which direct his business and his manners
So seated in the middle of his virtue,
Virtue is the capital of his interest
Knowing like men, his future is as honorable as theirs
His means are in likeness of theirs
His fortune profits by theirs
He has entered a contract with heaven
When the virtue dwells with him,
He is like a city
That the wise return to
He has entered the kingdom of heaven
(c) 2012 Nathan Coppedge
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