Bioinnovation and Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Disciplines: Life Sciences, Healthcare
Curator(s): Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA
Started: Oct 2, 2012

Join this group of those interested in global biomedical and health innovation and entrepreneurship research, education and practice.

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA
Started by: Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA
What is your biggest challenge in creating and sustaining your program?

There are significant barriers to the creation,
growth and development of these programs:
1. They engage participants in endeavors that
get short shrift on campuses: teaching and
innovation. Generating clinical and grant
revenue takes priority. Few campuses
reward faculty or students for developing
or commercializing an idea or paying
them extra to teach the courses.
2. Money is tight and little is available to
support these programs. They run on a
shoestring, are expected to be self funded,
and require uncompensated time from
faculty being paid by other disciplines.
3. Biomedical entrepreneurship rests on a
four legged stool that includes education,
networks, experience and money. The last
3 are difficult to create , scale and sustain.
4. Bioentrepreneurship educators have no
home. It is not yet a recognized academic
domain, there are limited places to publish
peer reviewed research and manuscripts
(the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology
is an exception), and promotion and
tenure committees attribute little or no
value to the enterprise.
5. By its very nature, bioentrepreneurship
education is an interdisciplinary,
multicampus effort with all of the
bureaucratic and sytems issues that
engenders. There is frequently a lack
of alignment of academic entities
driving growth and short term money
issues trump long term investments in
entrepreneurship education innovation.

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