Allied Health Informatics

Disciplines: Health Management and Informatics
Curator(s): Ron Krawec
Started: Jan 15, 2013

Focused on the current and emerging issues of clinical informatics and how they impact Allied Health clinicians, particularly those involved in academic teaching hospitals and their affiliates. 

I hope for topics to span the mundane to complex, be it clinical content management to population health issues.

Subject could be adminstrative focused (e.g., how to utilize clinical information systems to fulfill strategic initiatives or resource allocation) to clinically focused (e.g., how to utilize clinical information systems for interdisciplinary team based care or research purposes).


Ron Krawec
Started by: Ron Krawec
How To Be More Effective When Using Electronic Medical Record Systems

Something I put together a year or two ago in relation to an Ambulatory EMR implementation ...


How To Be More Effective When Using Electronic Medical Record Systems


•         Be mindful of the room set up: position monitors to be viewable by both patient and yourself; maintain eye contact where feasible

•         Learn to type: become proficient with touch-typing so that you can talk to patient while typing

•         Learn how to use the EMR software: learn the “one-best-way” to navigate; expand your repertoire of ways of using the EMR as you gain experience with it

•         Integrate time of typing around patient’s needs; plan the flow of the patient intervention around periods of time focused on the computer and the majority of the time focused on the patient

•         Ask patient permission to use the computer during the visit

•         Start with the patient’s concerns; set agenda with patient; explain how you are using the computer

•         Establish and maintain rapport, even when you are typing (talking while typing, head nodding, etc); be aware of how your verbal and non-verbal behaviors are effecting your clinical encounter

•         Use the screen to engage patient; involve your patient in the computer’s use; let your patient read the computer screen (as appropriate)

•         Establish eye contact; re-establish eye contact immediately when patient is talking about significant or emotionally laden topics or whenever eye contact has been lost for greater than 15 seconds.

•         Avoid “copy and paste” (copy-forward) and other systematic errors


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