21st American literature

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Started: Jun 3, 2013

The literature is an advanced reflection for a group of people.

Amy Potter
Started by: Amy Potter
I agree with your opinion

I agree with your opinion that author ofen write about real things in life. Therefore, they can only reflect things according to his eyes gmail sign in

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tasha bernard
Started by: tasha bernard
Is American literature worse than European?

Hello, everyone)I'm Tasha and I'm a writer at buy an essay online service and I have a question. So many people think that modern American literature (late 20th-early 21st century) in many respects is much worse than  European. Do you agree with this opinion? What American authors do you consider to be the most interesting and popular now? (I share these concepts, because, unfortunately, this is not always the same thing). write the name of the books you read or not read. Thank you)

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Amy Potter: I don't think that American literature is worsee than European. Because European has a lot of people therefore the rate of talent people is numerous gmail sign in

david toemily
Started by: david toemily
I like American literature

I like American literature! geometry dash meltdown game.

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vasizbtz abram
Started by: vasizbtz abram
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rosa bella
Started by: rosa bella
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