21st American literature

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Started: Jun 3, 2013

The literature is an advanced reflection for a group of people.

Javion Rudd
Started by: Javion Rudd

Totally agree!

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Victor007 Victor
Started by: Victor007 Victor
What will be the American literature in 2030s like?

Brainstorm for it as any aspects as possible, such as star travelling, new Internet tech and new agricutural tech. Just share your ideas, my fellows!

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Javion Rudd: Literature is the reflection for a group of people... Yahoo mail login guide and support

John Farley:

  I tend to believe that American literature will be great as it was, as it is now. In 18th centruty American literature was great in its own way, in 20th it was great too, why do you think literature of future should be significantly different?
I think that there will be some sweeping, generational change in ideological fashion of course, but it depends on society views, on new essay writers ' views and what ideas they will communicate to modern generation in their books. Time will show.

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