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Spring 2014 edition - Journal of International Students

Thought you like the articles selected in the spring 2014 edition.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  1. Home Away from Home: International Students and their Identity-based Social Networks in Australia. By Catherine Gomes, PhD, RMIT University (Australia);Marsha Berry, PhD, RMIT University (Australia); Basil Alzougool, PhD; University of Melbourne (Australia); Shanton Chang, PhD; University of Melbourne (Australia), pp. 2-15.
  2. Challenges Facing Asian International Graduate Students in the U.S.: Pedagogical Considerations in Higher Education. By Shu-Yuan Lin, EdD, Idaho State University (USA); Susan Day Scherz, EdD, Hansen School District, Idaho (USA), pp. 16-33.
  3. Comparison on the Developmental Trends between Chinese Students Studying Abroad and Foreign Students Studying in China. By Xuezhi LiuMA, Chinese Academy of Personnel Science, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (China), pp. 34-47.
  4. Factors Caribbean Overseas Students Perceive Influence their Academic Self-Efficacy. By Arline Edwards-Joseph, EdD, Georgia Southern University (USA);Stanley BakerEdD, North Carolina State University (USA), pp. 48-59.
  5. Are International Undergraduates Struggling Academically? By Barry Fass-Holmes,PhD, University of California, San Diego (USA) and Allison A. Vaughn, PhD, San Diego State University (USA), pp. 60-73.
  6. A Comparison of Pedagogical Practices and Beliefs in International and Domestic Mathematics Teaching Assistants. By Minsu Kim, PhD, University of North Georgia (USA), pp. 74-88.
  7. Actual vs. Ideal Attraction: Trends in the Mobility of Korean International Students. By Peter G. GhazarianEdD, Keimyung University (South Korea), pp. 89-103.

Reflection/Study Abroad & Book Review

  1. Reflection/Study Abroad: Of Languages and Epistemologies: Reflections of a Graduate International Student on the Road to Becoming a Researcher. By Laura (Violeta) Colombo, PhD, National Council of Technical and Scientific Research), Buenos Aires (Argentina), pp. 104-105
  2. Book Review: Reading Between the Signs: Intercultural Communication for Sign Language Interpreters. Reviewed by Rolf Holtz, PhD, Troy University (USA), pp. 106-108.


Forthcoming articles 

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