Donald Haggis

Haggis' current research interests include settlement structure in the Aegean; the archaeology of Prepalatial, Protopalatial and Early Iron Age Crete; and the development of early cities and small-scale states on Crete after the abandonment of Bronze Age palatial centers (ca. 1200-600 B.C.). Haggis is research associate in the Research Laboratories of Archaeology; co-editor of the journal Aegean Archaeology; and director of the Azoria Project —the excavation of an Early Iron Age-...

Ines Varela-Silva

Human biologist. Zumba addicted. The Old Vic Theatre. Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall Nottingham. Fighting poverty and discrimination. Music and film lover...lover of life in general!

edgar m.

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Tom Hart

Consultant for Library Building Design Program evaluator International consultant for informtion program design and implementation Consultant for knowledge based programs


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