Jonathan Erichsen

  My primary research interest is achieving a better understanding of the interaction between sensory and motor mechanisms within the visual system. For example, the prevalence of myopia has increased dramatically in the general population, and a growing body of evidence strongly suggests that overaccommodation ('near-work') and/or accommodative dysfunction play a role in this increase. Therefore, over the years, one aspect of my work has been centred on defining and stimulating...

Jesper Petersen

Although I was born in Denmark, I am living in Norway with my partner and two daughters. I handed in my dissertation on modern Satanism in 2011 and was subsequently tenured at the Programme for Teacher Education, an independent department within the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Studies. My primary academic interest is what is popularly called "the alternative scene", "New Age" and "occultism", namely detraditionalized and syncretistic religion in the...

Western Europe

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