Rajinder Dudrah

My academic interests are in the areas of Bollywood cinema, Black British representation, popular music, diasporic and transnational media, television studies, film and cultural theory, and in qualitative research methods as applied to popular culture. I teach across the range of core undergraduate and postgraduate courses concerned with screen theory and aesthetics, screen methods, and screen texts and audiences. I particularly draw on interdisciplinary approaches from Film and Media Studies,...

Marjan Slak Rupnik

Our laboratory pioneered in pancreas tissue slices approach to study the function of insulin-secreting beta cells in mice in 2001 (Speier and Rupnik, 2003; Rupnik 2009). Soon after the tissue slice approach has been extended to assess the perinatal development of the endocrine pancreas (Meneghel-Rozzo et al., 2004; Rozzo et al., 2009), normal and diabetic rats (Rose at al., 2007) as well as to establish the function of insulin-producing stem cells (Blyszczuk et al., 2005). Furthermore, using...

Kees Wildt

Please check https://vu-nl.academia.edu/KeesdeWildt for my research and publications.

Western Europe

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