Arun Sridhar

My professional training has been in clinical cardiology and medicine, basic cardiovascular research. This has enabled me to get a very valuable insight and the perspective of broad, disease based outlook to research. I have worked on heart failure, atrial fibrillation and sudden cardiac death models. My current expertise is in cardiac physiology and pharmacology (in vivo and in vitro). I also have the broad scientific experience of working with multiple species (rodents, rabbits and dogs). In...


  I believe in energy follows passion. When I started my life in the Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science in IIT Bombay, I was fascinated by the role, importance and indulgence of materials in all walks of life. This lead me into exploring the world of materials desperately  through various experimental projects. Having done work in varied areas like Crystallographic phenomenon, Cartilage tissue Engineering, Friction Welding and Treatment of Cancer using Gold...

Leighton Vaughan Williams

Prof. Leighton Vaughan Williams personal web-page available at:

Naji Oueijan

Prof. Naji Oueijan was Chairman of the Departments of English-Lebanese University and Notre Dame University. Currently, he is Professor of English at Notre Dame University, Lebanon. He is President of the Lebanese Byron Society, Chair of the First International Conference on Lebanese-American Literary Figures (NDU), Chair of the International Conference on Challenges of Translation and Interpretation in the Third Millennium (NDU), Chair of the “Common Platforms for Bridging World cultures...

Garthine Walker

Professor Garthine Walker left full-time academe in 2017 for a career change as a psychotherapist: see for details. She remains engaged with the academic and historical community while devoting most of her time to psychotherapy and training.

John Deighton

Professor John Deighton is the Harold M. Brierley Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. He is an authority on consumer behavior and marketing, with a focus on online and direct marketing. He is the immediate past editor of the Journal of Consumer Research, a leading outlet for scholarly research on consumer behavior, and was the founding co-editor of the Journal of Interactive Marketing, which reports academic research on marketing and the Internet. He initiated and...

United Kingdom

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