Linnéa Rowlatt

The intersection of religion and ecology is the overarching focus of my academic pursuit; I am extremely interested in how people of faith traditions integrate the environment - particularly climate change - into their worldviews. My methodology takes advantage of conceptual metaphor theory and permits the discovery and contextualization of organizing conceptual/cultural frames for the environment, through which, like other historically significant forces, nature exerts an influence on society...

Matthias Münch

I'm the managing partner of the INURI GmbH company and Head of the INURI-Group. The INURI Group is an association of scientists and engineers of different fields of specialisation founded at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences at the Freie Universität Berlin. We consider a special area of expertise within the field of preventive fire protection concerning the nu­merical simulation of fire and smoke spreading during fires in buildings, vehicles, etc. As a result of...


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