Jared White

Stemming from a principal focus on Golden Age theater, my studies have shifted over the course of my career, all the while maintaining a strong connection to drama. Transitioning from Lope de Vega and Calderón de la Barca during my undergraduate years to Antonio Buero Vallejo and Alfonso Sastre during my Master's program, my doctoral dissertation focuses on Valle-Inclán's esperpentos, recognizing a latent, albeit everpresent, current of death and decay in his works. His esperpentos, the...

Bruno M. Pereira Marques

Bruno Pereira Marques (b. 1980, Lisbon) holds a BA (2002) in Geography and Regional Planning (FCSH/UNL), a PgDip (2004) in Advanced Studies in Latin America (U. Complutense de Madrid), a PgDip (2004) in Development Geography (FCSH/UNL), a MA (2008) in Territory Management (FCSH/UNL), a MA (2012) in Metropolization, Strategic Planning and Sustainability (FCSH/UNL & U. Atlântica), a MAS (2013) in Urban Studies (FCSH/UNL & ISCTE-IUL), a BA (2016) in Social Sciences (U. Aberta), a BA (2018...

Anthony Butler

I teach Spanish Language, Literature and Film at a bording school in Worcester, MA. I have a B.A. from Clark University in Spanish and Philosophy, an M.A. from Middlebury College in Spanish Language and Literature, and a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in Spanish Literature. My dissertation explored the life and poetry of St. John of the Cross.  While I focus on Golden-Age Spanish literature, I am interested in all Hispanic literatures, History, Philosophy, Theology and Art History.


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