Robert Cronberg

Robert A. Cronberg is a Lecturer in the School for New Learning, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois. He develops new curricula and teaches courses in: Critical Thinking, Project Management (Assessment and Design), Leadership and Organizational Development, Entrepreneurial Accounting and Finance. His areas of concentration and interest include: TOC Accounting, Transportation and Logistics Management in Latin America and MOOC Education.

Zsolt Magyar

Born in 1975, I was educated at the University of Pécs, the Theological College of Pécs and the University of Sheffield. My research interest is the funerary commemoration of the Late Roman Empire, especially mausolea. I taught Classical Archaeology and History of Religion in the Univesity of Debrecen and published papers, among others, about different influences in Late Roman Sopianae and the relation of the imperial cult to Christianity. I was an Academic Visitor at the Univesity of Oxford in...


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