Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta is the Edward W. Carter Professor of Business Administration and Head of the Marketing Department at Harvard Business School. He currently teaches an elective course on Digital Marketing Strategy. In the recent past, he has taught the required marketing course to first-year MBA students and Advanced Management Program to senior managers. Sunil's research interests are in the areas of digital marketing, customer management, pricing, and return on marketing investment. His...

Shawn Cole

Shawn Cole is an associate professor in the Finance Unit at Harvard Business School, where he teaches a second-year elective course “Business at the Base of the Pyramid.” He has also taught FIN1 and FIN2 in the core curriculum, as well various executive education courses. His research examines corporate and household finance in emerging markets, with a focus on banking, microfinance, insurance, and the relationship between financial development and economic growth. He has worked in...

Fazlur Rahman Malik

Fazlur Rahman Malik (فضل الرحمان مل) (September 21, 1919 – July 26, 1988) was a well-known scholar of Islam. Rahman was born in the Hazara area of British India (now Pakistan). His father, Maulana Shihab al-Din, was a well-known scholar of the time who had studied at Deoband and had achieved the rank of alim, through his studies of Islamic law (fiqh, hadith, Qur'anic tafsir, logic, philosophy and other subjects). Rahman studied Arabic at Punjab University, and went on to Oxford...

milind chitale

I am a Product Design with a keen interest in Academics, and have been teaching and been part of industry over a period of 18 years now. I am thrilled when an ex-student suddently out of theblue drops an email or connects back to me after many years updating me of his career achievements and family. I am happy teaching young minds the fundamentals of engineering, and would love to continue doing so till I die.  

South Asia

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