Rowena Clarke

PhD student in English, Boston College, 2011-  Currently undertaking coursework in twentieth century and contemporary literature, and preparing for an interdisciplinary minor field exam on the topic of "Space, Place and Environment in Twentieth Century Thought"  

Benjamin Smith

Interests: Biophysics ;  Single-Molecule Colocalization ;  Kinetic Mechanisms of Cytoskeletal Protein Function ;   Membrane and Cellular Mechanics ;  Cell Motility ;   Lipid-Protein Interactions   Methodologies: Multiwavelength TIRF microscopy ;  Atomic force microscopy ;  Micropipette aspiration / Dynamic tension spectroscopy ;  Patch-clamp electrophysiology  

Anthony McCaffrey

With graduate degrees in philosophy, computer science, and cognitive psychology, Tony McCaffrey has just articulated a new cognitive theory of innovation that will be published in the top psychology journal "Psychological Science." The National Science Foundation has awarded him a two year grant to transform his theory into the first ever "Innovation assistant software." Tony could not have achieved this result without a strong interdisciplinary background; and he desires to...

Paul Thistle

Paul Thistle is the former Curator & CAO of The Sam Waller Museum (1983-1995) and most recently Curator at the Langley Centennial Museum & National Exhibition Centre (2006-2009). He has 26 years of mission and management work in museums and archives. In the field of ethnohistory, he is the author of the national, provincial, and academic award winning book Indian-European Trade Relations in the Lower Saskatchewan River Region to 1840. Manitoba Native Studies II and related journal...


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