Bachir Chaib

In the multicultural States, the federalism creates the particularly favorable condition to resolve the conflicts between the different groups of people and can so contribute to the peace in a country. The experience(experiment) shows that it succeeded well in many federal States. But the federalism is not a panacea to resolve the conflicts between different peoples in a State. To make a success of this challenge, is not only needed a Constitution federalist. What is decisive, it is the...

Jill Jameson

Director of the Centre for Leadership and Enterprise, School of Education, University of Greenwich

Patricia Schor

  Patricia Schor is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University. She holds a BA from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation – São Paulo, and an MA from the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, with a thesis on Afro-Brazilian religions and emancipation. After her MA, she worked for five years at Oxfam-Novib, as Programme Officer Lusophone Africa. Her PhD research focuses on the continuities and reconfigurations of the Portuguese empire in the contemporary narratives of the Portuguese language,...

Eunice Kamaara

I am Me


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