Regina Herzlinger

Regina E. Herzlinger is the Nancy R. McPherson Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. She was the first woman to be tenured and chaired at Harvard Business School and the first to serve on a number of corporate boards. She is widely recognized for her innovative research in health care, including her early predictions of the unraveling of managed care and the rise of consumer-driven health care, a term that she coined. Money has dubbed her the “Godmother...

Sharon Wilder

I will take courses in the near future in Animal Health and Veterinary. I've already received my BS in Science 2002, in efforts to pursue Veterinary studies. I was in a bad car accident Jan 9, 2003 after another vehicle ran a red light. My life was on hold for several years due to various injuries and surgery. I still have limitations but on my own schedule I can work around my injuries. Now that years have passed since I started toward my goal I still believe you're never too old to...

Frank Kienhofer

Heavy vehicle braking, vehicle dynamics, performance based standards (PBS) as an alternative to prescriptive vehicle legislation, rim design, motorsport engineering

Alnoor Ebrahim

Alnoor Ebrahim is an Associate Professor in the General Management Unit, and in the Social Enterprise Initiative, at the Harvard Business School. His research and teaching focus on the challenges of accountability and performance management facing nonprofit and civil society organizations. He is also affiliated with Harvard University’s Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations. Prior to joining the faculty of the Harvard Business School, Alnoor Ebrahim was the Wyss Visiting Scholar at...

South Africa

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