South Asian Diaspora Literature in English

by Irene Joshi
South Asian Diaspora Literature in English
Irene Joshi
University of Washington

South Asian Diaspora literature in English

compiled by
Irene Joshi
University of Washington Libraries

Last updated 29 December 1998

Methodology note: 
The country of residence is based on the latest information available to the compiler. It should be noted that many authors are very peripatetic. Writers of the Indian diaspora: a bio-bibliographical critical sourcebook. Edited by Emmanuel S. Nelson, 1993 contains an appendix on p. 451 which details the domicile of many diasporic writers.



General Background


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General anthologies


Aurat durbar, the court of women: writings by women of 
	South Asian origin. Edited by Fauzia Rafiq. Toronto: 
	Second Story Press, 1995. 239 p.

The geography of voice: Canadian literature of the South 
	Asian diaspora. Edited by Diane McGifford. Toronto: 
	TSAR, 1992. xviii, 274 p.

The Indo-Fijian experience. St. Lucia, Australia: 
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Saclit: an introduction to South-Asian Canadian 
	literature. Edited by Uma Parameswaran. Madras: 
	EastWest Books, 1996. 296 p.

They came in ships: an anthology of Indo-Guyanese writing. 
	Edited by Joel Benjamin, Laxmi Kallicharan, Ian McDonald 
	and Lloyd Searwar. Leeds: Peepal Tree, 1998. 302 p.

Trapped: a collection of writing from Fiji. Edited by Seona 
	Smiles, Sudesh Mishra. Suva: Fiji Writers Association, 
	1992. 161 p.

The very inside: an anthology of writing by Asian and 
	Pacific Islander lesbian and bisexual women. Edited by 
	Sharon Lim-Hing. Toronto: Sister Vision Press, 1994. 
	467 p.

The whistling thorn. Edited by Suwanda Sugunasiri. 	
	Oakville, Ont.: Mosaic Press, 1994. 144 p.

Autobiographical anthologies


Asian voices: life-stories from the Indian sub-continent. 
	London: Ethnic Communities Oral History Project, 1993. 
	94 p.

Ghara theke ghare=Home to home: reminiscences of 
	Bangladeshi women in Sheffield. Sheffield: Sheffield 
	City Libraries, 1995. 76 p.

A lotus of another color: an unfolding of the South Asian 
	gay and lesbian experience. Raksh Ratti, editor. 
	Boston: Alyson Publications, 1993. 303 p.

The still cry: personal accounts of East Indians in Trinidad 
	and Tobago during indentureship, 1845-1917. Edited by Noor 
	Kumar Mahabir. Tacarigua, Trinidad: Calaloux Publications, 
	1985. 191 p.

Teenage refugees and immigrants from India speak out. Comp. 
	by R. Viswanath. New York: Rosen Publishing Group, 
	1997. 64 p.

Telling it like it is: young Asian women talk. Nadya Kassam, 
	editor. London: Livewire, 1997. 131 p.

Individual autobiography


Alexander, Meena, 1951- (USA)
	Fault lines: a memoir. New York: Feminist Press at the 
	City University of New York, 1993. xii, 226 p.

Ali, Abdul (Fiji)
	The Indo-Fijian life story: the working life of Abdul 
	Ali. Suva, Fiji: School of Social and Economic 
	Development, University of the South Pacific, 1975. 6, 
	10, 13 p.

Alibhai-Brown, Yasmin (Uganda-England)
	No place like home. London: Virago Press, 1995. viii, 
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	My life with amateur radio. Ipswich: E.H. Chaudri, 
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	Mahase Snr., 1893-1955 (appended). Claxton Bay, 
	Trinidad: Royards Pub., 1992. xv, 144 p.

Mahomet, Sake Deen, 1759-1851. (England)
	The travels of Dean Mahomet: an eighteenth-century 
	journey through India. Edited by Michael H. Fisher. 
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Manji, Madatally (Kenya)
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	prisoner in South Africa's most notorious penitentiary. 
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Ramkessoon, J.D. (Caribbean)
	A cleric in the Caribbean. London: s.n., n.d.

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	Search and destroy. Siparia, Trinidad: Arawak 
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Sanadhya, Totaram, b. 1876. (Fiji)
	{Fijidwip men mere ikkis varsh, 1914; Bhut lane ki 
	My twenty-one years in the Fiji Islands: and, The story 
	of the haunted line. Trans. and edited by John Dunham 
	Kelly and Uttra Kumari Singh. Suva, Fiji: Fiji Museum, 
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Drama anthologies

Saclit drama: plays of South Asian Canadians. 
	Edited by Uma Parameswaran. Bangalore: IBH Prakashana, 
	1996. xxiv, 273 p.

Drama including film, radio and television scripts

Agha, Shamsuddin I. (England)
	Tipu Sultan; Mirza Ghalib in London; Flight delayed: 
	three plays. London: Waltham Forest Race Relations 
	Unit, 1996? 100 p.

Ali, Tariq, 1943- (England)
	Consequences. By Tariq Ali et al. Bath, England: 
	Absolute Press, 1991. 60 p. Play in 2 acts and 8 
	scenes each written by a different author.

	Iranian nights. By Tariq Ali and Howard Brenton. 
	London: Nick Hern, 1989. 24 p.

	Necklaces. London: Bill Bourne Associates, 1992. 51 p.

	Ugly rumors. By Tariq Ali and Howard Brenton. London: 
	Nick Hern, 1998. 98 p.

Alladin, Mohammad Pharouk, 1919- (Trinidad & Tobago)
	Three one act plays. Trinidad: M. Alladin, 1970. 50 p.

Ameerally, Niamatalli (Guyana)
	Appanjaat: a play in one act. Georgetown, Guyana: s.n., 

Balgobin, Basil (Guyana)
	Asra. Georgetown, Guyana: s.n., 1945.

Bharadwaj, Radha (USA)
	Closet land: screenplay. Los Angeles: R. Bharadwaj. 
	1980? 85 leaves.

Bissundyal, Chauraumanie see Blenessequi, Omartelle, pseud.

Blenessequi, Omartelle, pseud. (Guyana)
	The jaguar and the flute: a play. Georgetown, Guyana: 
	C. Bissundyal, 1990. 61 p.

Bose, Rana (Canada)
	Five or six characters in search of Toronto and other 
	plays. New Delhi: Prestige, 1998. 104 p.

Chattoram, Puran (Guyana)
	Vote for me: a radio play in one act. Georgetown, 
	Guyana: s.n., 1963. 18 p.

Cowasjee, Saros, 1931-(Canada)
	The last of the maharajas. Calcutta: Writers Workshop, 
	1980. Based on M.R. Anand's Private life of an Indian 

Dhondy, Farrukh (England)
	Romance, romance: and, The bride. London: Faber and 
	Faber, 1985.

Gill, Tarlochan Singh (Canada)
	Asoka: a historical play. New Delhi: Star Publications, 
	1998. 96 p.

Hosein, F.E.M. (Trinidad & Tobago)
	Hyarima and the saints: a miracle play and pageant of 
	Santa Rosa. Trinidad: Pleasantville: Unique Services, 
	1976., 36 p. Produced in 1931.

Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer, 1927- (USA)
	The Bostonians: a screenplay. New York: Merchant Ivory 
	Publications, 1991. 111 leaves.

	The householder: a screen play. Delhi: Ramlochan Books, 
	1965. 168 p.

	Howards End: a screenplay. Hollywood, CA: Script City, 
	1994. 130 leaves.

	Jefferson in Paris: original screenplay. Burbank, CA: 
	Hollywood Collectables, 199? 108 leaves.

	Madam Sousatzka: a screenplay. Hollywood, CA: Script 
	City, 1994. 115 leaves.

	Mr. and Mrs. Bridge: screenplay. Hollywood, CA: Script 
	City, 1990. 121 p.

Kissoon, Freddie (Trinidad & Tobago)
	Boss-man: a play in one act. Trinidad: F. Kissoon, 
	1973. 9 leaves.

	Calabash Alley: a full length play. Port-of-Spain: High 
	Grade Printery, 1973. 79 p.

	Christmas ham. By F. Kissoon and St. James Secondary 
	School. Trinidad: s.n., circa 1971.

	The cleaner and the boss. By F. Kissoon and The 
	Strolling Players. Trinidad: s.n., circa 1971.

	Common entrance: a play in one act. Diego Martin, 
	Trinidad: F. Kissoon, 1970. 26 p.

	Crash workers: a play in one act. Trinidad: F. Kissoon, 
	1973. 10 leaves.

	Do your home-lessons, Daddy! A play in one act. 
	Trinidad: F. Kissoon, 1968. 21 leaves.

	Doo-Doo: a play in one act. Trinidad: F. Kissoon, n.d. 
	12 leaves.

	Fugitive from the royal jail: a play in one act. 
	Trinidad: F. Kissoon, 1968. 8 leaves.

	Girls wanted: a play in one act. Trinidad: F. Kissoon, 
	1969 11 leaves.

	God and Uriah Butler: a play in three acts. Trinidad: 
	F. Kissoon, 1957. 53 leaves

	He died for us: a play in one act. Trinidad: F. 
	Kissoon, 1971. 7 leaves.

	King Cobo: a full length play in three acts. Trinidad: 
	F. Kissoon, 1966. 28 leaves.

	Like hog love mud: a play in one act. Trinidad: F. 
	Kissoon, 1968. 11 leaves.

	Lust for power: a play in one act. Trinidad: F. 
	Kissoon, 1973 9 leaves.

	Mamaguy: a play in one act. Trinidad: F. Kissoon, 1971. 
	24 leaves.

	Mambuy. Trinidad; U.W.I. Extra-Mural Dept., 1966. 23 p.

	The miracle man a play in one-act. Diego Martin, 
	Trinidad: F. Kissoon, 1975. 12 leaves.

	Pahyol: a play in one act. Trinidad: F. Kissoon, 1966. 
	12 leaves.

	Papa, look de priest passing: a play in one act. Port-
	of-Spain: The Bookshop, 1967. 15 p.

	A promise for Christmas: a play in one act. Trinidad: 
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	Suicide on the rails. By F. Kissoon and The Strolling 
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	We crucify Him: a passion play. Port-of-Spain?: F. 
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	Zingay: a play in one act. Diego Martin, Trinidad: F. 
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Kureishi, Hanif (England)
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	Outskirts and other plays. London: Faber and Faber, 
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	Borderline; Birds of passage.

	Outskirts; The king and me; Tomorrow-today!. London: 
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	Sammy and Rosie get laid: the script and the diary. New 
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	Let's give them curry: an Austral-Asian comedy in three 
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Matura, Mustapha (Trinidad & Tobago)
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	The coup: a play of revolutionary dreams. London: 
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	Play mas; Independence; and Meetings: three plays. 
	London: Methuen, 1982. 107 p.

	Playboy of the West Indies. New York: Broadway Play 
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Mukerji, Dhan Gopal, 1890-1936. (USA)
	The judgment of Indra: a play. New York: D. Appleton, 

	Layla-Majnu: a musical play in three acts. San 
	Francisco, CA: P. Elder, 1916.

Nazareth, Peter, 1940- (USA)
	Two radio plays. Kampala: East African Literature 
	Bureau, 1976. 36 p.

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	Looking for Muruga. Durban: Asoka Theatre Publications, 
	University of Durban-Westville, 1995. 57 p.

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	A passage to India: a play. From the novel by E.M. 
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	Harcourt Brace, 1961.

Rode, Ajmer, 1940- (Canada)
	Komagata Maru. London, Ont.: Third Eye, 1986.

Sadeek, Sheik M. (Guyana)
	Black bush. Newtown, Georgetown, Guyana: Sadeek, 1974. 
	18, [2] p.

	Fish koker. Kitty: Sheik M. Sadeek, 1965. 22 p.

	The gap and the gift: from colonialism to socialism: 	
	two stage sketches. Georgetown, Guyana: s. n.., 1976. 
	18 p.

	Goodbye Corentyne: a Guyanese stage play in one act, 
	one scene. Georgetown, Guyana?: Sadeek, 1974. 22 p. 
	He: a Guyanese play in one act, one scene. Newtown, 
	Kitty, Guyana: s.n., 1967. 8 p.

	Namaste. Georgetown, Guyana: R.A. Noble, 1965. 33 p.

	Porkknockers: a humour in one act and one scene. Kitty, 
	Guyana: Sheik M. Sadeek, 196?. 16 p.

	Savannah's edge: a Guyanese play on life among the 
	Amerindians: in one act, one scene. Kitty, Guyana: 
	Sadeek, 1968. 9 p.

	Two stage sketches: based on The declaration of Sophia. 
	Georgetown, Guyana: Sadeek, 1976. 18 p. Includes: The 
	gap (from colonialism to socialism)—The gift (from 
	colonialism to socialism). 

Selvon, Samuel Dickson, 1923-1994. (Canada)
	Highway in the sun and other plays. Yorkshire: Peepal 
	Tree Press, 1991. 183 p.

	Home sweet India. London: B.B.C., 1970. 39 leaves. 
	Adapted from An Island is a world.

	The magic stick. London: B.B.C., 1971. 47 p. Adapted 
	from Ismith Khan's The Obeah man.

	Mary, Mary shut your gate. London: B.B.C., 1971. 22 

	Those who eat the cascadura. London: B.B.C., 1971. 59 

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	Counter offence: a play. Toronto: Playwrights Canada 
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	Land where the trees talk and other plays. New Delhi: 
	Prestige, 199?


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Books about Nirad C. Chaudhuri
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Background Fiction


Wandrekar, Kalpana
	The ailing aliens: a study of the immigrant psyche in 
	six Indian English novels. Gulbarga: JIWE Publications, 
	1996. ii, 105 p.

Fiction anthologies

Flaming spirit: stories from the Asian Women Writer's 
	Collective. Edited by Rukhsana Gupta and Rahila Gupta. 
	London: Virago Press, 1994. xx, 204 p.

Her mother's ashes and other stories by South Asian women in 
	Canada and the United States. Edited by Hurjehan Aziz. 
	Toronto: TSAR, 1994. xvii, 202 p.

Odyssey: short stories by India women writers settled 
	abroad. Edited by Divya Mathur. Delhi: Star 
	Publications, 1998. 136 p.



Abdulali, Sohaila (USA)
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