Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours Review: Exploring Asian Culture

Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours Review: Exploring Asian Culture
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Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours Review, Asia is the largest and the most diverse continent in the world. With different religions, languages, faces, races, cultures and beliefs, Asians may only be connected because of they belong to the same continent, other than that, nothing more. But wait; don’t Asians have a single similar tradition? Rice as staple food perhaps?

Although admittedly, Asians, especially those living in South and South East Asian nations would have rice on tables during meals, the connection between Asians is far stronger. Here are the shared basic traits every Asian would likely agree to:

1. Family

Family is considered the most basic unit of society in each Asian country. Attitude at work, in school and towards other people are basically learned from home.

In each home, you will find that the father is considered the head of the family and the mother is the more submissive disciplinarian. Though western countries may not find the Asian parents dominating, great deal of discipline and unspoken rules are being implemented under the protective eyes of the mom and dad. Child rearing is considered a priority.

Moreover, while westerners would expect their children to mend on their own when they reach adult age, it is not unusual for Asian families to live with extended family members from grandparents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins and the immediate members as well as their own families. In the midst of it all, filial piety and respect for elders as well as home responsibilities are observed without complaints.

2. Education

Like any other continents, the emphasis on education is of big importance. Parents send their children to school for a better future and greater opportunity. A stereotype for Asian children is also their excellence in school. Although not applicable to all, Asian children tend to do well in test scores and aim high at academic school, talent schools and music and arts.

3. Time Concept

One of the most known personalities of Asians is that they have a more relaxed concept of time than westerners.  Excuses are always found whenever they come to meetings late. It may be the endless heavy traffic in the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia, the rubber time practice in Vietnam or the prayer meetings that need to be finished first. In any cases, the concept of time varies on a person to person perspective and cultural differences depending on who they are dealing with

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