After the acquisition of Axis, XL Give Special Discount for Customers XL and Axis

After the acquisition of Axis, XL Give Special Discount for Customers XL and Axis
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Jakarta, HanTer - PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL), the second largest operator in Indonesia, prepared a special program for customers of XL and AXIS. This program is one part of the adjustment process of merging XL and AXIS. 

Vice President Region XL Jabodetabek, Titus Dondi said XL also continues to disseminate to the general public about the various benefits of the acquisition of AXIS. This time XL innovates by launching a program that provides benefits to customers of XL and the AXIS program "Special Discount For Customers XL and AXIS Rengas Recreation Ground Water Holidays Bandung (RB) Fantastic Adventure, Cikarang, Bekasi.

"Titus Dondi in a press release Published Daily received also said, "This program is one of our innovations in the unification of XL and AXIS adjustment after the merger. Through this program, customers and AXIS XL with loved ones can be traveled water by utilizing a special discount program that we provide. We hope that this program can provide benefits and convenience for customers and AXIS XL so that loyal customers can continue to use the service and the superior quality of the XL. “This exciting program can be enjoyed by the XL and AXIS subscribers since August 25, 2014 until February 25, 2015 to come. 

To enjoy this program very easy condition, XL and AXIS enough customers coming to RB Fantastic Adventure, Cikarang and show logo XL and AXIS or broadcast SMS in his phone, then before doing a transaction, customers are asked to send an SMS to 305 with the format RBFA ( Free SMS fee). If the customer has to send an SMS is automatically the customer will get a special discount admission of 10% to be able to enjoy various tourist rides water in RB Fantastic Adventure, Cikarang. Not only has that, during the period of the program, the XL also provided booth to serve the needs of customers and AXIS XL. In addition, XL complements this program by presenting live music entertainment performances of well-known local bands to entertain visitors RB Fantastic Adventure, Cikarang. 

To serve more than 60 million subscribers, currently XL network throughout Indonesia strengthened with more than 45,600 thousand BTS (Base Transceiver Station, 2G / 3G) fiber optic backbone network which runs along the islands of Java and connected via submarine cable network to Sumatra, Batam, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.



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